Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Taking charge while having a little fun...

    Hello again from day two of defying death on the treadmill! Thanks for all the fun comments! It really irritates me when I think of the weeks of time I spent just wishing myself into a workout...Arg! We truly are lazy bones!  Between working and my little blog hobby I spend alot of time on my computer...

    I mentioned before that I am eager to reclaim my body after nearly two years of being body snatched by Sweet Baby K so here goes nothing:) My adorable mini Acer laptop is strapped into position and off I go! I even inspired my husband with my hour of walking yesterday! Last night while I prepared insurance claims he hopped on and ran himself! Look out beaches and swimming pools! Here we come! Maybe a Ragnar is in our future! I of course am getting ahead of myself!

    We are officially weaning! It is hard! With Sweet Baby K's birthday less than two weeks away I am struggling to make my goal of totally weaned! I have cut down feedings, shortened duration of feedings and still feel challenged! Perhaps it is the loss of an emotional bond I am fighting against...

We  just had to get the treadmill that wipes the screen clean when you accidentally pull the safety tether from its base! Now I can't see my hard work computed into precious calories and miles burned!  ARG! I am OK though! Just a tiny trip...It is merely a flesh wound;)

    Anyway! Amidst the hard work and dedication of being full time parents, employees...(My husband just got yet another amazing promotion!) and hard working at everything we do... we always find time for some fun and laughter!

We are blessed to live in a beautiful area with the mountains in our backyard!

    I have been a wienie this year when it comes to my beloved snow! I am nervous to take my lil baby snowmobiling... Last weekend we got Grandpa Jensen's old 1979 Yamaha Enticer out! This was the first snowmobile the hubs and I owned together! In fact she is the one who hooked him into the sport along with a ski doo blizzard that tested our very patience! Happily we have since upgraded but this sled will always be special and we will never get rid of her! It was fitting to have baby K ride her!

    Baby K's first ride! She loved it! She giggled and smiled! I think she will fit in fine!


  1. Hi Loressa, thanks for visiting hipmamasplace.com! :)

    You have a beautiful family!

  2. great fun pictures!! Keep working on that treadmill..you will be so happy with the results!!
    i remember those weaning days..i never could totally commit to weaning...i knew we were both ready, but something always kept me nursing...i guess all 8 babies eventually weaned themselves..i did nurse a newborn and a toddler twice!


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