Saturday, December 25, 2010

I found five minutes....

I am blogging from my new toy! My hunny got me a kindle;) I love to read. It is one of my most treasured past times. I was apprehensive at first...My book collection is some what of a trophy case. Accomplishments I can see, touch and smell. My curiousity has gotten the better of me...and I love it! In under five minutes I had a collection of books I had been wanting for awhile! I can't wait to finish Water for elephants, and dive into the newest book in the Maze runner trilogy!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas... past, present and future

I watched them from the front window until I could no longer see their bouncing little bodies. Knowing that eight school days stand between them and Christmas, this morning was exciting! I turn back toward the quiet! Back to my Christmas mischief! As I sat there, the early morning sunlight glinting off of twinkling ornaments I could not help but feel so lucky, and so blessed. Christmas is truly magic... Last Christmas found my husband and I in West Yellowstone. Holed up in a cabin spending this special holiday together. Lucky to be in love, blessed by the opportunity to have adventures!
This Christmas we will spend with everyone home! Eagerly awaiting Santa. Lucky to be together, blessed for the chance we have been given to be a family, accepting our challenges, grateful for our trials, smiling with our brave faces and leaning on one another. Next Christmas we will watch in delight as we introduce a child to the magic and wonderment of the Christmas season! Although boxes are popular with little ones it will be non the less magical. Lucky to share our love with our child, blessed to be parents sharing yet another exciting adventure! Merry Christmas!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Tis the season!

Busted! This is a picture that hangs in our home year round! I love it! I love all the little items we have accumulated over the years and look forward with a new found excitement each year to see them placed around our home! Little hands make little ornaments:0)

Green and brown....Hmm? Im seeing a theme!

These ornaments were five dollars for a whole bucket! I then found this ribbon and created a personal touch!

Santa's workshop! No peeking!
More personality:) Grandma's quilt goes well with anything!

Seven dollars and a few thing I had laying around! Voila! Christmas wreath? Check!

Little touches here and there. Christmas cheer is everywhere!

Getting ready for baby.....

Time! How she flies! In under fourteen weeks there will be some big changes in our little home!
Here are some of the little things I have been up to! We are sincerely excited and humbled by the experience that we are in for as a family!

Forever Young....The song that I hear in my heart of when I think of how being a mother makes me feel!

Can't wait!With a few more loving touches (And furniture:) We will be there!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Catching up!

Whew! I have genuinely been so vested in my love life and family that I have neglected my little hobby! As promised before I have so many pictures of all the fun stuff I have been up to! Will post soon! I pinky promise! Christmas is fast approaching and I have been a busy little elf! My extended family gifts are done! WOOT WOOT! for under thirty dollars I have stolen;) and created the cutest gifts! Thanks Mal and Normans! Finally four little matching stockings have been created (and hung:) The nursery is all but done! I was lucky to have my mother in law up to wander the local fabric store with and we found simply the cutest material from which I made the same curtains as I had for my girls rooms. I love this time of year and cannot wait to share my simple cheap and easy ideas! One week until my wonderful hubby and I sit down alone together for a romantic, spectacular Thanksgiving dinner I have all planned out! (Kahluha cheescake, sage and onion stuffing, pan roasted turkey! Yummo!) Thirty eight days till Santa! Forty days to the New Year! Sixteen weeks till baby! Five hours till I am back to the place where it all really counts! Riding out on the open fields, hot chocolate warming our tummies..any day now! SNOW DANCE:))

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Still here!

Holy cow! If I just had five more things to do! I love my bustling little life! So the big hunter got a deer! Good thing we just picked up a deep freeze this summer:) The nursery is very nearly completed! Go me! I am busy creating Mr an Mrs Frankenstein....Pictures coming soon! XOXOXO

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Deer Widow:)

As the annual deer hunting season has fallen upon us...I have joined the deer widow population! I love that my husband has the ability to take off, trudge through the woods and be a man for weeks at a time. This is when I also take time for me. With the kiddos home it is perfect time also for girl stuff! I have been up to only a few things this last week.....Since my handsome hubby has our camera I will just tell you. Salsa! Salsa with peppers that were so hot I had to wrap my hand in an ice pack to find relief from the intense Jalapeno burn....but oh momma is it good! Peaches! Yep, helped my lil sis put up twelve scrumptious quarts! Painting! The nursery is coming along quite nice. I have now got my base coat down and in a few days will go back through to create my design....I have been busy! The most important is of course "Living room camp out"

Monday, September 13, 2010

Jammin on a Sunday! Peach Style...

Last year we were able to put up twenty four delicious quarts of peaches. Still working on rotating last fall's stock...this year Poppa's peaches made for delicious jam!

If not for a tip from my mother in law I would have spent at least an hour peeling thirty peaches. Most of you probably already know to blanche your fruit or veggie first, but to us newbies it's a wonderful tip. The skin literally falls off:)

Coming Saturday....Fresh Jalapeno SALSA!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Simple Touch of Love...

This evening we attending the wedding reception of a dear friends daughter. The bride had chosen red and orange for her colors....and Gerbera daisies. It reminded me of my own reception when I also chose this simple flower for accent. Our colors were purple, cream and green. A true spring theme since it was after all the season. I searched and searched for the "just right" centerpiece. Fresh Green limes cut into quarters filled square vases. Purple ribbons round cream Gerbera's. It is easy to see this is a flower of choice. My own personal favorite. Handed out to all the special girls after the occasion truly a simple yet wonderful touch!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What I learned from today..

Trust is a bond formed between two people. It doesn't come as easily as it can be let go. Bosses are people too. People with families and lives just as complicated as any. Sometimes the strongest tree can bend under the faintest strain of pressure...

Being in love is all that matters and holding hands is important too.

Who needs pickles and ice cream when you can have sun dried tomato crackers with cottage cheese:)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The first day of school!

No one slept a wink lastnight, of all of this Im sure! Whispers, giggles and butterfly tummies, why it's more than they can bear. Fresh clean faces and a ribbon in their hair. "Out the door and off you go!" My nails are bitten to the quick. It's half past three! Fresh baked cookies, I love that dough boy! Here they come! A kiss on the cheek and a mouth's full "How'd it go? How'd it go?"

Baby Growing 101

"Tiny one, so sweet and new... We are waiting just for you!"

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sprucing Up a Bit....

Last year these whimsical little pots were a hit!

Rebar and terra cotta. Dahlias, and Lavender....

Fresh new spring air...and dirt!

Once again Vinyl saves the day!

"Bloom where your planted!"

Its hard to see, shoulda zoomed in...

But, this quick and easy touch up made a big difference!

My girlfriend and I spied this idea in a Log Home Living Magazine last spring.

Simple, and simply unique!

Start by pounding rebar into ground securely, then to the desired height. I have various planters with as few as two pots up to four. Pot your flowers before stacking. Make sure your pots have a hole in the bottom! Water and watch your flowers bloom!

These pots are a little tricky to water, so make sure you just use a trickle. Great for pansies, sweet alysum etc..any flower that does good in a planter will thrive beautifully. I am trying flowers from seed this year and will post pictures soon!

Happy Spring!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Slipper flop summer...

Hit the remnant bin at your local fabric store and  the flip flop aisle of your favorite department store for this crafty good for rainy days summer project!

Last summer our neighbors daughter was sporting the cutest flops I had seen in awhile....This is our version! great activity for the kids!

Cut your fabric into varying widths and lengths. With the underside of the fabric facing you, on the plastic top of the foot portion tie a double knot. Slide fabric close together so the plastic is covered with no gaps. Do this all the way around the plastic, trim fabric to desired length and voila!

I give you the "Slipper" flop:) Cute and fuctional! Right up my alley!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Simply Saying Thanks!

Cute, personal and under ten dollars!
Think back to the last greeting card you received.....Where is that special heartfelt two fold sentimental piece of paper? If you are like me it is in one of three places, and out of sight until the next time I come across it. What if you were to place a sentiment on a decorative item sure to be displayed? With the end of the school year approaching what a delightful way to say "Thank You!"

The open space of glass in the frame created by the mat makes it possible to match any color scheme.
Great for educators! An apple a day! Great for any occasion you wish to be remembered and looked upon frequently as a reminder of a thoughtful heart!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Paint IS your friend!

I have been coveting a certain five piece table set at Hobby Lobby for some time. Our now previous situation around the table was less than desirable...

Our table was worn down and missing two of the original four chairs. Seating children on bar stools while the adults took the remaining same height chairs. Ugh! White legs, and wood grain table top. Two stools with padded brown seats and iron back rests...oh yeah! It was awesome. I had resigned to saving my pennies. In fact I'm still saving, however I have made a simple upgrade to our dining room with a half gallon of black paint and a trip to Deseret Industries.

For a fraction of the cost of a new dining set, I practically have what I want. I found two matching wood grain stools (for a total eight dollars!) They were a bit too tall but I put my husband to work. Sanded down the original table top and chair seats. We purchased a grey primer and twelve hours later I had something I could be proud of. A place we can all sit in style!
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