Sunday, May 23, 2010

Paint IS your friend!

I have been coveting a certain five piece table set at Hobby Lobby for some time. Our now previous situation around the table was less than desirable...

Our table was worn down and missing two of the original four chairs. Seating children on bar stools while the adults took the remaining same height chairs. Ugh! White legs, and wood grain table top. Two stools with padded brown seats and iron back rests...oh yeah! It was awesome. I had resigned to saving my pennies. In fact I'm still saving, however I have made a simple upgrade to our dining room with a half gallon of black paint and a trip to Deseret Industries.

For a fraction of the cost of a new dining set, I practically have what I want. I found two matching wood grain stools (for a total eight dollars!) They were a bit too tall but I put my husband to work. Sanded down the original table top and chair seats. We purchased a grey primer and twelve hours later I had something I could be proud of. A place we can all sit in style!


  1. looks like you just went shopping for new furniture!!! Applause for the excellent job!!

  2. I LOVE PAINT!!! I did the same thing to my table and chairs back in the day...when I had a table and chairs, but now we dont have it and well we are eating at the couch...bleh cant wait until my breakfast bar is done..


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