Hearts for Hearts Girls

Changing the World one Heart at a time!

    What do you get when you receive two beautiful Hearts for Hearts girls from MommyParties, and it just so happens to be someones birthday? A party! My dear sweet baby turned nine yesterday! Where on earth did nine years go?! I was happy to incorporate the Hearts for Hearts girls into her birthday party! At her age, she and her friends are able to recognize the significance of a product such as the Hearts for Hearts Girls.. not only are the adorable, they serve a deep and meaningful purpose!

What is a Hearts for Hearts Girl?

     Hearts for Hearts Girls are a collection of six dolls from around the world. We received Lauryce who is from New Orleans and has struggled alongside her family in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Lauryce started a club called Lil hearts to aid the local animal shelter. We also were happy to meet Dell who is from Appalachia.

    Hearts for Hearts girls represent a mission to meet the basic needs of girls all over the world. Partnered with WorldVision the goal is to build a better world for children and their families. Facilitating this goal through disaster relief, water and hygiene, and education. Hearts For Hearts Girls represent real girls from real places! Every Hearts for Hearts Girl comes with a donation to organizations around the world!

    Six very excited and eager little girls huddled around each other to fill out their Passports! Each one pointing out which doll they would love to have! All crossing their fingers to see if they would be the luckiest girl at the party! They all listened intently as we discussed the hardships each of the Hearts for Hearts Girls were faced with and marveled that they could be a part of helping to make a difference!

    Each doll is inspired by issues facing children in their part of the world. Each doll is dressed in clothing authentic to their culture. Follow them on Hearts for Hearts Girls on Facebook!

And the winner is!

    This is our lucky little Laura! Laura was randomly selected to take Dell home! What an exciting prize! While I saw a few sad faces, they quickly recovered when they all received a friendship bracelet and a coupon for a doll of their very own! We loved this experience and encourage you to visit the Hearts for Hearts Girls website!


I was selected to be a MommyParties host as a part of a promotional program with MomSelect. All opinions are my own.




  1. It's a few years since you wrote your review which I found thru Pinterest. As you know, H4H has added a few new dolls.

    They are still a wonderful way to teach girls to care about others...and their modest price (combined with small book about their life, and authentic dress and accessories) makes H4H much more affordable than American Girl dolls.

    While AG dolls are still quite nice...H4H dolls (in my opinion) offer much more learning and value for the money...(they're roughly 1/4 to 15 the price of one AG doll/book.)

  2. (correction..."1/4 to 1/5 of the price of one AG doll/book". :)


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