Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas... past, present and future

I watched them from the front window until I could no longer see their bouncing little bodies. Knowing that eight school days stand between them and Christmas, this morning was exciting! I turn back toward the quiet! Back to my Christmas mischief! As I sat there, the early morning sunlight glinting off of twinkling ornaments I could not help but feel so lucky, and so blessed. Christmas is truly magic... Last Christmas found my husband and I in West Yellowstone. Holed up in a cabin spending this special holiday together. Lucky to be in love, blessed by the opportunity to have adventures!
This Christmas we will spend with everyone home! Eagerly awaiting Santa. Lucky to be together, blessed for the chance we have been given to be a family, accepting our challenges, grateful for our trials, smiling with our brave faces and leaning on one another. Next Christmas we will watch in delight as we introduce a child to the magic and wonderment of the Christmas season! Although boxes are popular with little ones it will be non the less magical. Lucky to share our love with our child, blessed to be parents sharing yet another exciting adventure! Merry Christmas!

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  1. Glad everyone will be home this year! Love you guys!


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