Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Guest Post! Kaci Bennett of Kristine's Catering!

                                W h e r e E x c e l l e n c e  I s A c h i e v e d
                                     Kristine’s Catering Services 
                                         *Cell 435-757-4480 *E m a i l Kaciladd4@gmail.com 
                                            Serving northern Utah and surrounding communities

     Hi! My name is Kristine Bennett ... I often go by Kaci....and I am the founder and owner of Kristine’s Catering Services.I grew up with a strong love of food, cooking, and sharing my cooking with others!

    Beginning with weddings in the Las Vegas area at the age of 22 and four months pregnant with my second child, I began my catering experience. I have an experience catering a variety of events over the years. My reputation, as someone who loves and enjoys food, brought me my first professional opportunities. My clientele has grown slowly- My advertising being mostly by word of mouth. But as my catering has been increasingly recognized, more opportunities have come...although I always keep a very personal touch in the events I cater.

     I love what I do and will work with you in whatever way I can to help make your event successful. I have a range of different abilities, however if your request doesn’t fit my normal services, let’s talk about it! Just recently I catered a wedding where the bride requested a cocktail style party, which differed from my usual buffet style....and the wedding was being held 150 miles away. In a spirit of honesty, I explained that this was outside of my experience range, but together we made a plan that fit her desires. I specialize in that kind of openness. If I can’t meet your request, I’ll tell you...and we’ll consider options.

                Honesty with my clients takes priority in my business.

     Looking for an affordable, elegant alternative to your catering needs? Kristine’s Catering Services offers a range of services from light, graceful lunches to stylish well designed banquets. Fine food with a dash of ambiance enhanced decor, Kristine’s Catering Services will work with you to customize your meal to your specific needs. Kristine has spent years designing stylish succulent meals for occasions of all sizes and requests.

    Consider us for your next catering needs.

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