Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Be my Valentine...

    Once again valentines day is upon us! I enjoy Valentines day! The chocolates! The flowers! The general feeling of love! The extra time certain girls spent in the bathroom this morning! Oh boy! It is happening! My poor husband is in for it! Three little girls....

 Adam Levine is beautiful! Not many women would argue this....

   Last night as I tucked her little body in snug, my eight year old was grinning from ear to ear. An obvious case of butterflies had her. "Momma?" She asks kissing my face. "Yes baby?" I reciprocate. "Who is that guy on the Voice with all the tattoo's?"  My girls inquiry forces me to giggle because the smirk on her face now has an explanation....a tattooed older man explanation! "Adam Levine? He is a cutie huh!" I reply.

    By now my baby doll is hiding her face blushing and giggling uncontrollably. This is the same girl who cannot resist pausing Twilight to gaze upon Taylor Lautner! "Oh Jacob I loooove you!" I can support a crush on a admittedly cute young man, but I wonder if her Adam "Guy with all the tattoos" crush should concern me?

   Ahhh! My poor husband! Three girls!

    Happy Valentines day!



  1. Whenever I ask my son or daughter about a movie personality, they blush too! It cracks me up! Happy Valentine's day!

  2. Cute :) I have two sisters so I know what it's like growing up with three girls in the house. Good Luck to your husband! Happy Love Day <3

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