Monday, February 20, 2012

I don't get Sundays...

    Congratulations Kristin over at I Don't Get Sundays You had the most visited link from the Finally Friday hop last week! If you are not familiar with this blog...go there now! Her perspective on motherhood and family is wonderful! I share the Sunday sentiment!

  Thanks Kristin for linking up!

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Each Monday I will feature the most visited link!

    A very special thanks to everyone who linked up! I hope you had fun hopping! I will be doing some hopping myself to get to know new friends!

P.S....Um if I contacted you today and spoke gibberish....I was trying a new thing! Networking via treadmill! In one hour of networking... Drum roll! I burned 260 calories! Woot Woot! Not dropping my laptop or being maimed by the power cord catching in the track...Priceless!

Happy day Friends!


  1. That is awesome!!! thank you so much for sponsoring the blog hop and allowing me to visit others websites and get other perspectives!!

  2. I'm not gonna lie...completely impressed by your multitasking abilities on the treadmill! I'd be on youtube by now flying through a wall! :D Hope you have a great week, Loressa :)

  3. What a beautiful family! Just stopping by, found you on the Mom Bloggers Club! New follower, just joined via GFC! Feel free to stop by mine anytime :)



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