Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jute flower tutorial...

    So here is something you may not know about me.....I Love Jute! Just teasing! Even if you only know me  a smidge you know I use jute for everything! Last night as the Daytona 500 was in yet another delay (husband glued to the tube!) I sat down to start my Nicole Heartfelt Designs for March and ended up with these darlings! Cute versatile and easy!

    Start out with a round piece of burlap...I used a bright colored piece of felt for this tutorial because once you start gluing down your jute it is difficult to see! Using jute of varying thickness and shade determine the size of your petal by forming a loop. Cut several pieces of jute into this length.

Place a dot of hot glue onto your circle. Loop a piece of jute in half and place on glue dot. Hold in place then when glue is cool enough touch firmly press down....I have many burns on my fingertips! Be careful! Many of my fellow bloggers also use the eraser end of a pencil or scissor tips to handle hot glue!

Repeat this step until you have completed a full circle! Then do the same to form inner circles just begin below the last circle to create your flower look!

Once you have done this three to four times your jute will begin to fill up the center. Either use some bling gems to create your center, or begin cutting smaller loops to create a jute center!

Again... Like most Nicole Heartfelts! The possibilities are endless! A darling hairpiece! A unique wall arrangement! I found this frame at the DI for one dollar! Painted it black and voila!

Random Wall pieces! I used a straight pin to adhere to my favorite spaces! Or a  fun and different hat pin! What will you do with yours?


  1. I love it, you are so creative. It looks great on the hat.

  2. I forgot to mention, I linked to you on my blog at http://upscaletreasures.blogspot.com/2012/02/curious-wisdom-and-other-everyday.html

  3. Oh I love this. I'm a new follower. You can follow back at sugarplumsandlollipops.blogspot.com

  4. This is very unique and it looks pretty. Good Idea. Thanks for sharing the tutorial too. I found you in Aloha bloghop. I am your newest follower.

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