Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Move over Cowboy! Momma's got a new favorite!

What you are looking at is heaven on a bun... er crust!

   Papa Murphy's delectable Cheeseburger pizza is divine! My cute neighbor brought me a slice last weekend and it is all I can think about! Hence the blogging via treadmill:) My husband had different sentiments...H said, and I quote "If I wanted a cheeseburger I would just get a cheeseburger!' Men! 

You have to try this pizza! While you are there try the new pizza kits for the kiddos!


  1. sounds like a really fun twist on a pizza!! i would like to try it...thanks!!

    1. You betcha! Let me know if you like it! Thanks for linking up today:)

  2. That does look yummy!!!! I know what we're having for dinner tonight :)


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