Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Booby Trap...

 An old favorite from the blog archives!

   The innocence of a young child's mind is something that a mother prays will remain pure for as long as possible. With few childhood memories containing laughter, I find myself living vicariously through the minds and experiences of my two young children. Thankful everyday that they are being nurtured and encouraged to just be kids. Growing up to soon is not allowed at our house. If you read my post about Indian food you will love the following conversation I shared with our youngest last week.

     Last Sunday afternoon our five year old came home for a few days in between her visit with her natural father. Happy to be in her home she was in the living room playing on the floor with her Tinkerbell fairies. Singing and thoroughly entertaining herself. The sunlight peering through the blinds. Sunbeams flitting around her. It was picturesque. I was between floors helping my husband downstairs and checking in on her frequently. I finished my touch up painting and crashed on the couch beside her.

    My husband came running up a little later to grab something from the laundry room. On his way back down he nearly tripped over toys that had been strewn about. "It's a booby trap!" I winked at him as he corrected his step and disappeared below deck again. My daughter looked to me with curiosity. "Has dad ever seen the Goonies?" Assuming we are on the same page I giggle. "That's what I say! Booty trap!" Quoting on of the more famous lines of the 1980's classic. Her round cheeks still plump with baby fat are now glowing red. "Has he? How does he know about booby traps?" I assure her that he has indeed seen Goonies. "Then he knows what a booby trap is?" I m starting to catch on that she may not know what said trap is. "Honey?" I inquire. "What do you think a booby trap is?" Placing her hand over her mouth she exclaims "Mom its a bra!"

     I scoop her up. Laughing so hard that she has no choice but to laugh as well. I wrapped the moment up in a bow, and tucked it into my heart with so many others that I will cherish for the rest of my life.


  1. How cute! Children truly make the world a wonderful place. Love the blog.



  2. Very cute story - i cannot wait for my daughter to start talking so I can know what is going on in that little mind of hers! Also, I LOVE that music sheet background!


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