Friday, August 26, 2011

Skin deep...

     You know you are looking too hot to handle when you pick up your six month old princess and she starts to giggle and reach for whatever that crud is allover your face! Well my sweet brand new soft supple skinned baby! Its moms attempt to keep that glowing complexion!

     Exactly what is allover my face? Just a homemade concoction from the beauty school days! An excellent toner and exfoliation treatment! Ready set glow!

1 egg white
For restoring precious collagen!
1 teaspoon cocoa
 To improve blood flow and increase hydration!
1 teaspoon of ground coffee
To exfoliate and give your skin a kick!

Mix thoroughly and apply to face! Allow to dry about 20 minutes rinse and moisturize:) Its gonna be a good day!!

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