Saturday, August 6, 2011

Monkey'n around!

The next time you see these fun socks they will be transformed......

   Ever since a certain car company began using a life size sock monkey in their ad campaigns my daughter has been enamoured!

   Sock monkey? Never really given the things a second thought...enter the world wide web! The classic sock monkey has now metamorphasized into a "modern" sock monkey. How funny is that? Funny, and stinkin cute! We looked around the net and got some super cute ideas! Sock monkeys are timeless! Many people have devoted entire websites and blogs to the critters!

   Yesterday we hit the local sock outlet. The manager winced noticeably when we told him our intentions for his lovely socks, but then asked us to come back by to show him the completed project! Clearly he was as intrigued as we were...Lol!

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