Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hairy situations...

   Upon making the decision to become a full time stay at home mom I knew that some sacrifices would have to be made. While I was a bona fide working girl I single handedly kept my stylist Heather in business. I received a text recently..."You alive?!" Of course I am alive! Alive and well in fact! Just....different priorities now.

   I have been a state licensed cosmetologist since.. well looking back now to eighteen...forever;) Ask anyone of my fellow stylists, that piece of paper means trouble! It is a license to think that you may and can do anything you have done to anothers head of hair to your yeah! It is also a piece of paper that saves my family hundreds of dollars each year! From my husbands monthly cut, keeping up with our kids and taking on my own color, which is an admittedly humourus process for my family!  Putting our hard earned money back into our pockets:)

   I can hear my husband snickering as he catches a glimpse of me in my frosting cap. "You just try to keep your hands off me pal!"  Laughing as I walk back into the bathroom satisfied with the fact that I am making this stay at home thing work!

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