Monday, August 1, 2011

An adventure with baby K...

My mom and sister were here last Thursday and showed me simply the most precious blog I think I have seen! Sweet little baby photos taken by her mother as she dreams! Using blankets and other items from around the house she has created the scenes. Unfortunately a scenario that I know all to well has stopped the posting of these precious photos. As a rule we do not post photos of our children publicly on the Internet. So imagine if you will... a sweet little baby out in her flower garden! Because those of you who know me know....I have to try every thing at least once!
Every little farmer needs a lil pig and her ducky!
Growing flowers in the warm glow of the sun.... Baby K is having too much fun! This really was alot of fun! Our little girl is so sweet and precious! I am positive we will do this again as my wheels are already turning! Stay tuned for more scenes from the stories of baby K:)

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