Monday, January 16, 2012

Snow dance...


What are your winter hobbies?

 Where is the snow! Our inner snowmobilers are in mourning! We are avid snowmobilers. It has been a part of my life since childhood. I introduced my husband to his love of ski doo:) Actually my grandpa did when he gave us his old beaters as a pre wedding gift. We were hooked!

    Last winter as Utah recieved record snowfall I ambled along up to the 36th week of my pregnancy. Slow and easy it was not our typical thousand miles on the sleds winter.

    This year although it saddens us we have been out once! It is partly due to the fact that there is very little snow and also due to the fact that our little one is just that...a little one! Without a winter hobby is slow and somewhat boring! Most winter weekends you had no guarantee of finding us. This winter we are sticking close to home. Redbox is our best friend! This morning as a weak winter snow passed through my husband was grinnin! Grandma and grandpa are lined up to babysit this weekend if the snow continues to fall.

   We have a lifetime of winters ahead of us if god grants. We have many seasons to catch up and ride to our hearts content. Sorry baby K you are stuck with us:)

Tearing it up in West! Many great memories have been made there! Many more to come!

 If you have never been anywhere else in the winter this is the place to begin winter traditions. It is home to my heart. Help us out! Get your snow dance on!


  1. great pictures! I am your newest follower!! please come see my blog and FB page too

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I love your blog! Yes, visiting Colorado is enough cold for me for a while. ;) Snowmobiling does look fun though! I love your blog design and header- looks great! Following!! :)


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