Monday, January 23, 2012

Dinner and dishes night...


   How do you make chores bearable?

    For the longest time my husband and I thought the recipe for happiness was to expect happiness! Our older children had no chores, no responsibility...The only expectation was to "Just be happy!" As we have matured and evolved in our blending process we have come to learn that children need responsibility. They need expectations that promote a constructive outcome. Expectations equal love.

    About six months ago now we implemented a chore/reward system that seems to be working. The only thing not in check that drives every parent bonkers....the complaining! The chore that brings the beast out!? Dishes! I don't even like to do dishes! Whining and slamming dishes..... It made me wonder if there could be a reward in dishes? They are forever bugging me to let them help with dinner. Come on mom's you will be able to reason with my always "Not tonight." Response. It is just easier to do it myself!

    Having a hand in raising our oldest and knowing what I would like to pass on to my own girls it is time to buck up! Let the cooking lessons begin ladies! On their dish night they are also now cooking! Last week was our first try and it was a success! Being involved in doing something important made them feel important and they can't wait for dish night this week! The complaining will never end it comes with being a kid, but giving them something to look forward to.... The smiling "I did it!" face is worth it!


  1. I've been in the "easier to do it myself" most of the time too. My oldest would make such a scene I would get sick to my stomach listening to her so I just stopped asking anyone to do anything for me.

  2. I know! It is so hard when it is just easier to do it yourself, but I have to stop and force myself to think of what the outcome in their lives will be if they are not expected to participate in the goings on of our family. I want to raise strong independent women who are confident and willing to influence their own life....having said that! Whew! One day at a time:) Thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. chores help kids develop responsibility, accountability, gratitude, etc..and doing what you don't really want to do (chores) helps them feel better about themselves..way too many pros to not have your kids do chores!!

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