Monday, January 30, 2012

Boston Cream cupcakes!


     Saturday while out and about with the kids we decided to stop at the little cupcake shop I had noticed a hundred times before but never had the chance to visit. Once all three kids had piled out of the car and we had made it to the door in one piece (a major accomplishment:) a lady rushed to greet us at the door "Sorry! We are closed! We just sold out!" I was perplexed...Sold out? I glanced at the door and noticed the hours: Open till we sell out!

    Bummer! It had taken me this long to find five minutes to just check this place out. If they sell out by noon I will never get to sample what from the menu appeared to be gourmet deliciousness! My girls were equally disappointed. The baby squirmed as I crammed her back into her car seat. "What kind of cupcake place doesn't make enough cupcakes for everybody?" My eight year old pouted.

    As we made our way home cupcakeless...We brainstormed our revenge out loud. Last summer my kids were very industrious. It was not uncommon to find them out in the front yard selling hot chocolate chip cookies and punch. Myself, also grouchy about having no cupcake thought "Hmmmm?!" I mean they must be delicious cupcakes if they are sold out so quickly....I wonder what we could come up with (SEE CURSE OF THE CREATIVE MIND)

    So we are determined to find the most delicious most beautifullest cupcakes to sell out the summer cupcake stand....

    It just so happened that Lidia...whom I love! Made these tasty little Boston Cream cupcakes the very Saturday night we were denied our own savory cake. Boston cream! Oh my!

  What are your favorite recipes? I think I will try my hand at these! Boston Cream cakes


  1. Oh my goodness those look wonderful! I wonder if I can use a gluten free flour on those...

    1. I know! I cannot get my morning stuff done fast enough so I can get to the store! I hope you can make it work:)

  2. So funny! My husband is form Boston and we ate a restaurant that served Boston French Toast. Turns out, it was filled with Boston Cream and Swizzled with Chocolate. I love 'who doesn't make enough cupcakes for everyone', for real - who doesn't!

  3. These look AWESOME!!!! Yummy.


  4. Those cupcakes do look so good. I make a Boston Cream Cake, so now I guess I should try the cup cakes.

    I am a new follower from the Get Connected Tuesday hop. I would love for you to visit Saving and Sharing It and follow back.



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