Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Catching up...

    I knew the moment my feet hit the floor...The distinct pain behind my eyes, the partial loss of vision, the awesome inability to form coherent sentences, the numb tingling arm and fingers.....

    It was going to be a migraine day! I have suffered with migraines since I was young. I have never had time for migraines something always threatens to go undone if I succumb to it's immense pain. Only recently have they become downright debilitating. I blame it on my old age;)

    So yesterday it brought me to my knees and today I am playing catch up!

    Monday night for the first time in awhile the big kids and I hit the road for GNO! Baby K stayed behind with dad. That was rough! In nearly eleven months I have only been away from her long enough to revel in a trip to the grocery store. My husband had to go into the bedroom while I stood hesitating at the back door. One foot in and one foot out....

   If you have not seen Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close... run don't walk to the theater! I have not seen an amazing movie like this is such a long time. Take your tissue and everyone you love. It changed my life! The wonderful thing about having children that are getting older is the chance to share things such as this movie together! All of our hearts were touched deeply! Thanks grandma Nawyn!

    Finally I want to thank everyone for linking up yesterday at Moms best nest! The turnout was wonderful! If you are a new follower and I have not returned the favor please leave me a comment!

    Now! Looks like I have some awards to pass on!


  1. I saw the preview for that movie, it looks really good!

  2. All I can saw is Ow! Ow! Ow! I have had migraines before and I am such a wuss when it comes to pain! I can't pop enough excedrin migraine to make those things disappear! I have to shut myself in my room, pillows over my head, and just try to get to sleep. I have gone to bed at 6pm before with them. I end up feeling much better the next day but I can sympathize! Fortunately I don't get them very often.
    Have seen the previews for this movie--glad it was good--now I'll have to find some time to get out to see it.

  3. It stinks! Every time it just gets worse too! I pray until it goes away...but then I am sick the whole rest of the day! Migraines stink! My kiddos laugh but then always feel bad when they are speaking with tongue twisted migraine mouth is the weirdest thing!


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