Friday, October 21, 2011

Projects Two and Three...Finally!

Project #2...

I decided to make myself an earring holder and love it! I realized that many of my posts have to do with organization...but I finally have the time to do it! I feel so incredibly busy and there is always so much to be done, but I am grateful for a flexible schedule now. Full-time work and full-time school never was good for making a home. So I find myself organizing and doing all the things that I have wanted to do for years and feeling like it is coming together one day at a time.

I have become a fan of pink as of late and even though it doesn't match the bathroom, couldn't resist! Again, just got a frame from the thrift store for $1, painted it, backed it with fiberglass screening and then with fabric. Add a hanger and you're done!
 Here it is with my earrings that finally have a home!
 I think it turned out nice in my bathroom. I found the white shelf at the thrift store for $4. I have my headbands and bracelets on the shelf with a few other odds and ends. I hang my necklaces from the bar and now the earrings are easy to find and fast to put off and on.
 Project #3...

I found this cute shadow box at the thrift store for $1 with the roses in it. The door is hinged, so it can be closed for a box, but I like to keep it open for more dimension and so it can stand up. All it needed with a little TLC - removal of some extra hardware, a little paint and glass cleaner. Cute for the baby room or living room.

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