Sunday, October 23, 2011

The abillity to DIY...Priceless!

    As I headed out the door MSH (My sweet hubby:) handed me forty dollars and said "Buy yourself something you can't live without....actually on second thought I know you better than that! Go look around and find what you are going to come home and make!" I love this guy! He is too good to me! XOXOXOXO!

  Girls day! We headed South to explore! In and out of the many crafty little shops we found I could not close my discriminating eyeballs! Everywhere I looked I was surrounded by awesome talent and imagination. I would love to have one of everything I saw...but I could not stomach the prices and again my discriminating eyes showed my how I could create my own versions of what I was coveting most for a fraction of the cost.

   I am always humbled by the talents of myself and those around me. I believe everyone is capable of greatness!

   I could not stop thinking of my little family the whole while I was "shopping" I had nearly eighty dollars to spend as I may.... But did I need to? Couldn't I squirrel it away for a rainy day or a night on the town with my most importants? Plus do what I enjoy most? My most favorite hobby...

My choice was made and I enjoyed the pleasure of window shopping with three of my favorite ladies!

    Brain full of wonderful images. Projects I cannot wait to get my busy paws creating ....Beautiful prints displayed on canvas blocks! Jessie Wilcox Smith images swirling around my imagination:) Vintage creations! Christmas decorations! When I look around my home I am proud...Proud of what we have created and with our own hands keep the safest.

Choose happiness everyday! I believe in you!

Thanks Mom, Dad and Mag for a wonderful day:)

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