Thursday, October 6, 2011

Heaven and snow...

     I wish I could upload smells and then I would share with you the wonderful smell of my kitchen! This kind of weather makes me want to cook! Warming up in the kitchen creating all sorts of good stuff!!
     Every year this is a day yearned for...the first batch of pumpkin bars day:D I posted this delicious recipe last year and you can find it under the pumpkin bar post! Cream cheese frosting tops this tasty treat. There goes my diet!
    The recipe for pumpkin bars calls for two cups of pumpkin and in the 29oz can there are a little over three...I always wince when I spy the leftover pumpkin in the fridge for weeks with nothing to add it to! I was in a crock pot mood this morning! I had a package of ribs in the freezer and pondered over barbeque pork sandwiches...Salivating yet! The smell is torturing me!!

    I love trying new things....Today I made a pork marinade out of that leftover pumpkin and holy stars for the love of Liza! I used chilli sauce and some chipolte barbeque sauce also...I just tasted my work after the last few delicious hours of simmering! Is it dinner time yet!! I cannot wait to see the faces of my lil family when their chilly noses get a whiff!

Happy keeping warm!
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