Monday, October 10, 2011

Good times and happy hearts...

     I have already received so many wonderful compliments on this I will not be taking special orders:) This was for fun! Bleeding fingertips and one gigantic smile on the face of the recipient was enough for a once in a blue moon project! Staying true to my intentions as a thrifty mommy blogger this costume cost me only seven dollars! Yippee! I found the shirt and jacket at the lovely DI and the rest... Well I covered the hat in a pair of old black slacks I had way up top in my closet. An old sheet provided the whimsical hat sash and bowtie:) Do you know what 10/6 means? We did our research:)

     I wish I had pictures of our Alice..a special seamstress near and dear to her heart is busy sewing away and I will have to post the pics later:)
    The original and hysterical we were laughing so hard tears were rolling plan was for baby K to be the white rabbit...sitting here I feel mixed emotions?! While at my favorite hangout...guess which one:) I found this darling Old Navy monkey suit for FIVE BUCKS!  I brought it home threw er into the sanitize cycle of the washer fixed it up a bit and now have a conundrum! What to do? What to do?

Happy projects! Halloween for twelve bucks!
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