Monday, October 24, 2011

The bittersweet task of baby proofing...

    I am not the only mother in history to silently lament the tick tock of the clock...The tiny bottom tooth making its appearance and the rocking on hands and knees tell me time is flying. It is truly bittersweet. Watching your child develop into whom they will become is a gift without measure....Just dunno why its gotta be so hard to let them grow!
     Crawling will be making its debut any day now! Gotta start getting all my fun stuff up and out of the reach of curious fingers and mouth:) One trip outta town this weekend was all I needed to get some fresh new ideas! I always try to plot out my decorating.....this time I just went with it and I love it!
 While there is no shortage of pics of this particular space....It is my favorite! I love the "empty frame" look!
     My daughters Nanna found this serving dish at a cancer fundraiser and somehow knew I would need it! Good cause and darling new table accent. It is similar to the pieces my sister and I made for Christmas last year out of candlestick holders and jars/plates. I will post a how to soon! Cheap and easy project that many will love!
    And lastly...I am not big on OMG...but Oh My Stars! Need a scent that will surely put you in a good mood! Try Silver Spruce by Greenleaf! I put it on a heat vent as my Mom suggested ( to be removed before sweet baby K wakes up:) and it smells absolutely positively divine! I am a real Christmas tree kinda gal and as long as I live and as long as there is a good excuse for the hubs (I miss you:) to fire up his sled we will have a real tree... for the reason they somehow have captured in this sachet!

    I have one more project I hope to accomplish today...everywhere I went I was captivated by the most beautiful shade of blue! Somewhere between turquoise and cerulean....Gotta find some and add that wonderful contrast of color:)

Happy Happy! Love your living room camp out director!
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