Friday, December 2, 2011

Sooo...Is it OK if the cashiers know me by name?

    Yes, I have been haunting the DI again! But look at the fabulous items I found that with a little love were the perfect additions to our Christmas traditions! And my grand total was $7.00!!

BTW: Welcome new friends! So glad to see you!

   I found these two hiding behind a mess of evergreen garlands....They begged to come home with me! Here is their before...

     And here is their after! Lol! Baby K absolutely loves them!
     I took the (lovely;) floral arrangement off of this grapevine and with some Santa's snow added a little Christmas!

    Random ornaments and a cute snow lady....

Happy Hunting!


  1. You are very crafty! Cute!
    Following FNFW blog hop. I am your newest GFC follower. Hope you stop by and visit my blog.

  2. Thank you ladies:)I am in the company of some talented friends!


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