Monday, December 12, 2011

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This is a post I originally wrote a few years ago....Many things have changed since this post was written however the message is still the same and will always be at this time of year! Enjoy!

Ahh Christmas bliss! Or is it?

    One of my most important priorities each day is picking up our girls on time from the babysitter. This stems from the old single days when our precious babies spent the entire duration of each day in the care of others. It was what they knew. My husband and I both have, and do work hard each day. Now that the kids are both in full time schooling it is a bit easier. Now instead of eight to ten hours it has been minimized to a mere two or three. Still I find myself rushing home so that we have the maximum time together each evening.

    My evening commute usually on a good night takes thirty minutes. My husband who works a little closer can sometimes get caught up. Because our kids are such a priority we often "arrange" times when one or the other is going to be late. A little courtesy we share with one another.

     Last night was my turn to be the late arriver. Paycheck in hand I hopped in my car to run some routine errands and pick up my Christmas crafting supplies. Although earlier in the afternoon I had panicked when I glanced at the calendar and noticed my window of Christmas prep time was quickly closing. I seemed to have blocked out that this fact also pertained to everyone else as I braved my way into the pre Christmas delirium.

      I am naturally prepared. If I can survive the zoo like afternoons in my office, what does a little Christmas crowd have on me? My first stop into the hardware store was a breeze. Items in cart I raced back to the car. I was making fantastic time! Then with a sudden and snapping effect...the heel on one of my favorite black shoes broke! Screeching to a complete halt in the slush and mush I quickly glanced around. Hah! No one in sight to witness my mishap. I trudged through thick grey slush the rest of the way to the car. I opened the hatch poised to heft in my purchases. As I did this my purse handle caught the edge of the hatch. A box full off eight crystal bricks smashed to the pavement! Good thing they are packed solid. At this point I am still smiling. Not too quick to be defeated. "OK!" I think out loud. "What next?" As I strategize my next move my stomach begins to growl. No matter I will get a snack. Just a light one. My husband is busy cooking dinner as we speak.

Game plan in mind I make my way to Wal Mart....

    This is where it all ends. This is where my ten hour day catches up to me. I have everything carefully mapped out. Christmas section first. Food aisle last. "Don't forget to pick up milk!" My husbands parting words earlier on the phone. I have so got it in the bag. I bust through the door ready for serious damage. The ensuing drama involved Twelve screaming children. Eleven shoppers fighting. Ten songs a blasting. Nine different choices. Eight dollar ice cream. Seven silly stockings. Six ways to fall down. "Five gold Rings!" Four people wrestling. Three more children screaming. Two frozen turkeys...and Did I mention I had broken my shoe!

    When I opened the door to my home, the smell of something fantastic greeted me. I could hear the children reading. I stopped just to listen. He poked his head around the corner. Taking the sight of me in. Purse hanging by one strap. Hair in a wild tangle. Mascara under my eyes that would put Alice cooper to shame, and slightly leaning to one side. "Honey? Where is the milk?"

Merry Christmas!

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