Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ball O yarn ornaments...

     Here is what I did with the mystery Styrofoam balls! The other day my mom, sister, baby K and I stopped in to grab a bite at our new favorite deli Kneaders...They had a tree in their entry that was adorned with ornaments similar to these. This is my version with a burlap bow twist!
     With one  5oz package of yarn I was able to cover a 6 inch, 5 inch, and a 4 inch ball with yarn to spare!
     Start with a dot of hot glue at the top then wind your way around and around! Stop occasionally to apply some glue....that way when the ball flies out of your hands and the last three feet come unraveled $%^#!  It will eventually stop unwinding:)

Stop on the top of the ball and leave yourself a few inches to loop over and create your hook.

Apply your bow! Now all I need is a tree!


  1. I love these! Where do I find the burlap ribbon? I love the look.

  2. My girls would love the pink ones! Cute!


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