Tuesday, December 20, 2011



 I love that Holiday commercial where every one is celebrating their triumphant finish of Christmas jobs... We are nearly there! In fact mere moments to the beloved Holiday I may be able to collapse in triumph of my own!

    This has been one of the craziest pre Christmas preparation years we have had in awhile. Honestly I m not totally convinced it is all to blame on the Holiday... The fact is the world still turns in December. The bills are still due. Friends and family still get sick. Hearts still ache...

     That is the point. Finding peace amongst chaos. Remembering the true reason for the season...

    I stopped long enough to catch the news last night. The story I caught brought tears to my eyes and made me wonder. Secret angels are paying off the layaway accounts of perfect strangers. Famillies who may not otherwise have gifts for their children are being blessed by mysterious benefactors.

    Need is in the hearts of many this season and many other days for that matter. I think of our own Christmas mischief and the lesson our children do not even realize they are learning...

    Maybe my self imposed list of tasks is not as daunting as I have made it. Perhaps I need to listen to the magic playing out around me. Possibly I am too wrapped up in getting to the finish line that I am missing the joy...

Certainly I am counting my blessings.

5 days to go!


  1. New follower from MBC


  2. Don't miss the joy. Pause and take it all in. It's the last few days of 2011 - let's go out remembering all the wonderful things God has done for us this year.

  3. Thanks Fawn! You always know what to say! I really do appreciate your always kind words!


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