Friday, December 16, 2011

Burlap scarves and more felt fun....

  Back to the burlap project! We are scheduled to have family pictures this Saturday.  I am a T shirt and jeans girl all the way! My idea of dressing up is heels and jeans! This is the first time since my husband and I were married and had our little one....not to mention that my sister has gotten married and also had a child since our last family pictures were taken, so we are overdue! I want my family to look their best but my simplicity for dressing up overpowered me as I shopped yesterday for new shirts. I arrived home to find I had a very simple theme that with just the right little touch could be darling...

Trust me! I know what you are thinking....Even now I am anxious about the itchy burlap and the whining of children! My strips of burlap dyed to the perfect shade of grey! That was when I started looking around the house. I found an old grey shirt that was sheer and using liquid stitch I place a collar of sorts inside the neck portion to hopefully keep itchiness at bay long enough to take some great shots!

I loved the way the burlap frayed throughout the process! I used some liquid stitch along the edges working it into the fibers to prevent it from fraying too much.

Using the ruffle bottom of the shirt I made a flower.

Old buttons, some jute, my famous felt...

 I did the same on the second scarf. Only changing colors.

  I had bought a Candies sweater for myself and decided to brighten it up as well. Adding a pin to the back of my flower made it perfectly optional! 


  1. I love the natural look of the burlap and i still have to make it over to the fabric store to get some!! Beautiful creations! Love it! Have a great weekend!

  2. Hey thanks! I have been having alot of fun with simplicity:)

  3. I love the gray and the red together :) Such a good combination. Hope you have a merry Christmas.



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