Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Easy DIY Earring Holder

   I love DIY projects that save a lot of money. Lately I have been working hard on birthday and Christmas gifts. This is one that I made to hold earrings. I just went to the thrift store and found an awesome frame that I painted black after taking out backing and glass. I went to Lowe's and bought fiberglass screening - like is used in your windows. : D I got a whole roll for about $6. My rotary cutter even worked on it. (It is not the metallic screening, it is a lot softer and pliable.) I cut it to cover just short of the entire back of the frame and hot glued it into place. Then I chose some brightly covered fabric, cut to fit the entire back of the frame, stretched and glued. Make sure you have a bracket to hang it on the wall with. Either get a frame with one already on it and cut your screen and fabric around it or buy one for about 30 cents and hot glue it on.

    My Sister-in-Law was cute enough to send me a thank-you picture of her birthday present with her earrings on it. I think it turned out nice and it really is such a great way to organize all of your earrings where they are easy to see and easy to find.
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