Friday, September 30, 2011

The proof is in the cake...

     Each time I take on the challenge of a new cake I get a little better and I learn a little more...Crumb coat!! Placing a crumb coat on your cake and freezing it prior to frosting it is a little miracle:)
 Mamma's tiny helper was available for moral support...
    At the last minute and unprepared to the maximum I decided this special cake could use some special attention.. I had these giant marshmallows left over from camping! Fondant!
     My second attempt at homemade marshmallow fondant! A little easier this time I must say!
     A special girl ordered a special cake! I had to drag out that old bear mold again...that thing is loved!
     The whole while I was making this cake I kept thinking of the movie The Frog Princess...It is a movie that we love at our house! "Just one kiss? That is it?'
"Unless you beg for more!"

Happy love!
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