Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A daunting task with an abundant reward...

   Twelve hours and fifteen pounds of tomato's later! I was able to put up twenty four glorious pints (And this monster quart) of salsa! Macey's has this wonderful pepper bar where I found habanero's and thai's to add to Kaci's smokin jalapenos! Our food storage is comin along! It is so nice while at the grocery store not worrying about the things you have plenty of!

    Tip: waiting until the season is near ending will have friends and family begging you to take their precious produce! I was able to raid my grandfathers orchard! Saving forty dollars! All I had to get were the lids, spice mix and extra peppers! I think fifteen dollars in supplies was well worth the nearly hundred dollars worth of canned goods don't you!

Feeling brave?

Blanch your tomato's so the skin will virtually fall off! Fifteen pounds sounds like alot...but keep in mind you are going to de seed and peel these babies!

According to your preference either chop or puree your newly peeled and seedless toms and start cookin!

I like to use Mrs. Wages hot salsa mix combined with fresh onions, garlic, cilantro and of course peppers! On a wild notion I incorporated fresh peaches into my puree:)

Simmer your salsa for at least thirty minutes before ladling into your warm sterilized jars.

I use the water bath method and process my jars for twenty minutes beginning at the boiling point!

Remove..listen for that wonderful "pop" that means your jars are safely sealed and enjoy!

Happy canning!
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