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 Congratulations to Momto8blog You had the most visited link from the Finally Friday hop! I Really enjoy checking in on this blog! I always find a humorous post like the one above:) I also really enjoy her view on life and practical matters! Laughing at life's little moments. Growing and learning through it's disappointments....I guess it is why I love this blog so much! I am happy to share a recent favorite post of mine! A Favorite because I am married to a real man who is so wonderful and together we are raising three girls whom I pray will find happiness (after they turn thirty of course:) with men just like this! Please check out this amazing blog! You will be glad you did!

Where have all the men gone?

  My Dad advised me in high school to never marry a man who refuses to change a diaper.  I know what he meant then and I know what he meant now.  I see with my own eyes what happens as we women try to be the same as a man.  Men end up with a free pass.  Women end up with free birth control.  The most we demand from men is taking out the garbage once a week.  And they live up to those expectations....if we let them.  But there are still real men and they are living in my house.  How do I know?  I'll tell you what they are like:
1. They bring in all the groceries.  And put them all away,  just like I like it.  Organized, with labels facing me.
2. They clean the snow off the car for me, warm it ahead of time, fill it with gas,  drop me off and pick me up.
3. They open doors for me and all women.  I go first.
4. They eat all their meat and potatoes, but they also eat at all the yellow, green, purple, orange, red and white foods I cook too. They rinse their plate when they are finished and put it in the dishwasher.  And say, thank you for making this for me,  it was delicious.
5. They watch musicals and chick flicks because I always get first pick.
6. They sing in church. They say their prayers. They ask God for help.
7. They push their physical bodies to the limit, but know their minds give out long before their bodies, so they train their minds too...and practice self control.
8. They notice my new ruffled pillows and fresh flowers on the table, and tell me.
9. They protect me from the bad guys.
10. They make their bed everyday and keep their room clean, because I asked them to.
11. They do their push ups.  All of their push ups.  They know slacking is just cheating themselves.
12. But most importantly, they show a concern for others, especially the less fortunate.  When I see my husband and sons freely offering their service to another human being,  that is when I know they are real men.
I think it is time to raise our expectations ...and make men be men.

Wonderful post!

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