Monday, March 5, 2012

The bestest firstest birthday...

I love Duff! I am coveting every cake supply he sells! 

I used cake tattoos for the first time! So fun!

So as I said it would Saturday has come and gone...

But what a fantastic day it was!


  1. The cake and the little one to match are adorable :)

  2. So so SOOOOOO.....adorable. Love watching people build their memories. = )


  3. Awwww so cute! I love that cake :) I've spent the morning pinning things on pinterest for my daughter's birthday party. I'm so excited :)

  4. I have seen Duff's products in the store and been tempted to purchase some! Your cake turned out awesome and it looks like it was well received!!! ;-)

  5. Yep! Duff is the man:) I am practicing for the cake of my life! Thanks for all the great comments! It was an awesome day!

  6. Very cool cake! Did you do that yourself? If so well done. I'm a bit of a disaster when it comes to being creative ;)
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