Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My first and most likely LAST mural...

A room makeover has been a long time coming!

    We knew that Sweet baby K would be our last baby! On random days...and they are getting fewer! We muse about trying once more for a boy...those days are few! Because she was our last little one we decided to have some fun with my pregnancy and we did not know her gender until birth (well I knew but played along into the hope that she would be a he) On the off chance we would welcome home a little boy I decorated the nursery in a unisex theme. Now that I know my little girl and know her bright little personality I have been cursing my brown and green choice. I looked and pondered forever as to how I would change it...


   I had been wanting a tree of some kind but could not find one I liked! My friend was within hours of cutting a vinyl tree for me on her silhouette when I found this beautiful baby girl room at" Unique baby gear ideas " I loved it so much that I started painting that afternoon!

A funny thing...

I set to work by first priming my chocolate brown walls with a white latex paint. Then...painted it back to the original lavender color my husband had painted the room with. He found this slightly amusing!

I started my tree by free handing the trunk and branches.

Then went back through to clean it up...

Instead of painting flowers I used double sided scrap book paper to create these cuties! A button center!

To spare myself  extra work and to save some of my original effort I  used the green strips to create a colorful tiled look.

I just need to finish touching up the branches! I am so excited!

Will post the final pics soon:)



  1. Wow it's so pretty! You're very talented :)


  2. Wow! What a beautiful tree! I can't believe you did that freehand. You are awesome! New follower from the Epic Mom hop. :)


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