Thursday, July 26, 2012

Catching up...Whew!

    What a crazy past few days! I have been super busy and fallen behind on my lil blog hobby! Having my husband home for the Holiday was awesome! I love spending time with him, and it always helps to have the pilot and co pilot on board!

     On the 24th we opened the front door just in time to see the heels of the FedEx man....on the step was our brand new Hoover MaxExtract 60 carpet cleaner! Woot Woot! We cleaned carpet all day Tuesday with new found carpet cleaning vigor! Thank you again to Mom Central for allowing me to participate in this great campaign! Review coming soon!

Stay tuned also for the July Birchbox!

  I have been given a wonderful opportunity to participate in history! My hometown is eagerly awaiting the dedication of a brand new temple! Our family has been privileged to watch this process from the ground up! A mural made of thousands of mosaic tiles is being created as we speak by many, many artists! I was blessed to be given one of these tiles! 


   When I finally had two minutes to check into blogger land I was surprised to find I had received two   wonderful awards from Melissa at Figuring it Out as we Grow!

 I am honored! For the Versatile blogger I need to list seven random facts about myself....

1) I really really hate spiders! Who loves them right? Gross!

2) I am in a funky Black Eyed Peas phase?! Probably because I can get an awesome run in while jamming to their beats!

3) I am a enrolled member of the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska....barely

4) I love Big Brother and Days of our Lives...Guilty pleasures! SHHHH! Don't tell!

5) I am OCD about my emails!

6) I believe in second chances and the power of perseverance

7) I am really stoked about race training....who am I? I hate exercising... but am digging this race training schedule! I maybe even have the hubs thinking about joining me:)

Now ten questions for the Sunshine blog award...

  1.) What would you most like to change about yourself?
Wow! What a question...Hmmm! I am overall fairly happy with who I am, however I would like to be a little less empathetic at certain times and with many situations. I often get taken advantage of because I have a overly soft and "yearns for peace" heart.

  2.) What is your theme song?
For me this changes often as life situations and new music that hits home is constantly changing. Right now there are a few. The Fighter by Gym Class Heroes because the words just get to me! On some days it is Little Miss by Sugarland or Stronger by Kelly Clarkson. On angry days its The sound of Madness by Shinedown...see! Too many!
   3.) One part of your life, a memory, action, etc. that you wish you could surgically remove from your brain?
Can I keep the lessons learned? If so I would surgically remove the images from age seventeen to twenty four when the reign of terror finally ended!

    4.) What generation do you wish you’d been a part of?
I love being alive now, but have always thought myself to be of the Victorian era..

  5.) What was your favorite childhood toy?
My Cabbage Patch doll!

  6.) What is your favorite household chore?
All of them! I love cleaning up after everyone else! I love changing poopy diapers and washing dirty nasty dishes! Um...a favorite household chore? OK... Fine! I sorta enjoy carpet cleaning with my new Hoover!

  7.) Do you twitter?

 8.) Any goals?
Many! Finishing my education! Becoming the bestest review blog available! Enjoying this time with my fast growing little ones. Living each day like it is a new and fresh start...I could really go on forever!

  9.) Do you really drink margaritas all the time?
I have not had a margarita in ages! Margaritas remind me of my honeymoon in Vegas! Good times! We are going back in March for NASCAR and to celebrate our fifth anniversary! Perhaps I will partake then!

 10.) What’s the ugliest car you’ve ever driven?
 My ugliest car was also my favorite very first car. My little "Super Ru" That car could go places trucks could not go! It was awesome!

Yikes that is a lot of info about me! I now have to dash to work and will post my nominees soon! Thanks again Melissa!



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