Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Out with the old! In with the.... Old?!

    Good old Tuesday! One day down in the week. I'm in a bit if a rush today. Ever notice how incredibly slow Blogger is when you just want to post! Its probably not Blogger, but my impatient, antsy old self.

     My to do list is brimming. My want to do list growing. Today I get to take not one, but two Iphones to the Apple store. Insert: frown. Teens and pre teens are tough on things! Good grief! After that the lil one and I will hit a few stores for a jump on Christmas shopping. Insert:... I'm not sure how I feel about this yet. Somewhere in there I get to grab supplies for my newest beloved piece of furniture. Has that ever happened to you? You just know even before the first stroke of sandpaper you are going to fall in love! This UEA weekend we were visiting family. My mother in law sent me home with a true treasure.

    My sweet husband does not understand this old soul that lives deep inside, and normally probably would not have loaded said treasure into the trailer and dragged her home, BUT... we need another dresser. After seven years of marriage you would not think that I am still trying to piece our bedroom together.... I am. We have never had matching furniture in there. That bothers me some. Like teens in a dorm room sort of bother. Styles change. Tastes change. When we got married we were trying to combine two households into one. Now we have accumulated seven more years worth of stuff. We could afford a new set, but just simply have not gotten around to it, and I don't mind. I love to create for my family!  Last month when the hubby was deer hunting (when I do my best work) I tackled our existing dresser:

    Not to shabby! I replaced some of the missing handles sanded here and there, slapped some primer plus paint on and voila! So are you ready?! Here is the newest addition!

 Wah Wah Wah!

 Can't you see the possibilities though! Ugh! Im so excited! Nerd alert! The first place my eye was drawn, was to the lovely "brass" handles. No worries! After a quick removal, and I mean quick! I cleaned them up good with a baking soda paste and lightly sanded them with a 220 grit sandpaper. have you ever used Rust-Oleum's Metallic paint and primer?  Oil rubbed bronze is the bomb! The stuff is a God send! I have updated fixtures like a mad woman around the house!

    The cost of all new hardware can get a little pricey. I am still planning on purchasing a few different handles so this dresser matches the other dresser, but my cost for a simple update using what is already available is right around $10, for the paint and sandpaper!

Now I'm really excited! Happy Tuesday!

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