Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What can you do with $2.50?

    So far we have had a rather industrious summer! Chasing a toddler, training for a half marathon (Gulp! Three weeks to go!) cupcake stands, camping, yard work, school shopping for my best girl, Mia Maids, swimming pools....


    Somewhere in between I have managed to squeeze in some DIY therapy! Much needed DIY therapy!

    My child is convinced that she would like her bedroom reprinted for her upcoming birthday! JOY! As I got looking around at the well loved hand me downs, it was decided that no bedroom remodel would be complete without sending a little love to the furniture!

    Shopping mistints can save you hard earned $ at the check out counter! After parousing paint samples for near an hour we found a Valspar mistint that we immediately fell in love with! I used a stain distressing method,and can't stop gazing upon the new found beauty of some old beloved pieces! 

    To go with the "new" furniture she has chosen a charcoal gray and lavender to don the walls! Can't wait to see it all together!

Feeling Blessed!

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