Sunday, July 28, 2013

Care for a spot of tea?

    Curious Wisdom was recently selected to host a Cadbury Ice Cream Bars 'High Tea' party! "Hmmm?!" I thought to myself! With a house full of girls, this kind of party should be right up my alley! Partnering with MomSelect we received a party package fit for a afternoon filled with giggles! Party hats and headbands that were actually quite beautiful, I am trying to figure out where I could wear mine! A tea set complete with milk and sugar pitchers! Tea cups and saucers! We were set! The guests arrived and the fun began! We served ice cold lemonade, with butter scones and cucumber sandwiches! The orange cream cupcakes were also delicious, however the treat everyone had their eye on, were the Cadbury ice cream bars! We had received several varieties to sample! Chocolate and vanilla, english toffee, royal dark, and caramello! One word: Heaven!

    On a hot July afternoon who could blame them! Creamy vanilla Blue Bunny ice cream, covered in delicious Cadbury goodness! The bears enjoyed themselves as well! Giggles were abound as the girls tried their best to abide by proper 'tea etiquette' no elbows on the table, pinkies up....  I heard a few accents throughout the party as well! It was definitely a fun and creative way to spend some time together! The girls all loved their hats! With the exception of Baby K! She was fairly certain that her hat was a form of baby torture! Once the ice cream came out she was fine again! The tea set is adorable and I can see my girls using it for years!

 Children grow too fast! Having the opportunity to have a few hours to let them just be kids, and to hear their imaginations at work was simply precious! I often wonder what I would have done with boys instead of girls? Nah! I am a pro at raising princesses! What a wonderful time pretending to be little ladies, giggling and just enjoying! I was happy to host this party! I think the girls liked it too!

Disclosure: I received supplies to facilitate this post. The opinions expressed are 100% those of Curious Wisdom. 

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I came by to follow you back. The party looks like so much fun. Too bad I don't have any little girls around any more.


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