Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sugar and Spice? Really?!

    If eight and a half years ago when handed a precious pink bundle you would have told me little girls are anything but soft and pink I would never have believed you!

What you are looking at are the bar stools from our kitchen counter...
 Yuck! This particular stool is frequented by the third grader! I have re upholstered these stools once already due their straight out nasty state! Kids! Rather than buy new stools that will assuredly suffer the same fate I decided to fix them once again!

    This time I  think a wipe, clean and sanitize friendly surface is in order! I found a shower curtain that just happened to match perfectly and was under $10.00 for both stools! I removed the old fabric and burned it!  Lol! After I cut and formed the shower curtain to fit the seat of the stool I used a small stapler to attach!

Now if I could only cover everything else...

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