Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Are you getting your 30/30...

    So by now I am betting everyone has heard of Tim Ferriss....right?! Please tell me this man has you doing all sorts of funky little things also! Cold showers....a daily dose of saurkraut...Heavy creamer in the coffee?!

Anyone else?

    OK so now that I sound like a full on weirdo let me explain...

   Tim Ferriss is the author of the amazing book the 4 hour body. An awesome book that everyone one should own! Full of small consistent changes that will change your life! My favorite of course would be the material on rapid fat loss. Basic fat subtraction and also advanced subtraction tips. The lovin chapter is also pretty good:)

    One of the many recommendations that I have been using myself is to consume 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking... The first morning I put this habit to use all we had in the house that could produce a quick protein fix was of course...eggs! Five eggs later I was strapped in and riding the Hurl a Whirl at full speed! 30 grams is a lot of protein! Before you run to the toilet Hear me out! I have since fine tuned my morning protein intake to include a variety of choices. Low fat cottage cheese with grapes is one I can stomach a little easier! Plain Greek yogurt with a little honey is yet another of many great options!

    This morning I was able to find a smoothie recipe that looks delicious! Why am I sharing this tid bit with you? Because it works! Adding the 30/30 habit to your morning routine will change the way you snack and feel throughout the afternoon! In addition to my running and a few other small dietary changes I am noticing a big difference! I have more energy in the afternoon and I am snacking less! I am better able to make good food choices and I am back into my pre prego jeans! Try it out!


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