Monday, April 23, 2012

Life with our Family!

   Congratulations to Desiree over at Life with our Family! You had the most visited link from the Finally Friday hop!  I enjoy this blog and immediately identified with the earnest effort of trying to make changes for better family nutrition!  I am in week two of  gluten free! It is hard! She works from home in the dental field as do I and can totally relate to the quirks of working from home! 

    Great giveaways! Wonderful advice!  Great heart and an unmistakable love for family! Please stop by and check this great blog out! I am happy to share a post that made me smile!

Do you remember when Ladies Night meant a night out on the town with friends?  I do, usually with fondness, lol.  Nowadays my Ladies Nights are more along the lines of dinner and movie or mani-pedi’s with my daughters.  They’re fun and full of laughter and they offer us a great opportunity to bond.  I hear more about what boys are “cute” this year and who is stealing so-and-so’s man on these nights than any other time in our daily life.  It really is a good time.  And now that they’re getting older (14 and 10) they’re becoming much more meaningful.....Read More

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