Friday, July 8, 2011

The Porchulaca likee!

So we have the stupidest soil in the West! Dryer than dry and hotter than hot! For the last three years I have tried to no avail to grow something in our front planter....The Gerbers croaked within days! The Magnus Echinacea......... Yeah! So this year when my sweetie pie asked me what I wanted for mothers day I said flowers. Seeing him grimace as he is not your average flowers and chocolate guy, (actually in an effort to suppress my inner chocolate beast he has become a chocolate guy:) I showed him the perennials I was looking at that were suited for our front toaster oven. Delighted at the prospect of giving a gift that would keep giving and twenty seven dollars later we were in business!

I love the peonies that grow on the north side of our house I am sad that they only last a short while. If you cut a bud before it is in bloom and place it in a bowl of water you will get to watch as it opens up!

The wet spring has the mountains full of gorgeous wildflowers...Last Saturday as I sat in the front seat trying to console a screaming baby K after several hours of bumpy riding in her hot car seat, my cute husband got out and while being consumed alive by mosquito's picked the most beautiful bunch for me! You have to love the abundant beauty of summer:)

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