Monday, July 18, 2011

Chalk it up to family fun!

Once again I am last to try out the newest crafting trend:) I have been wanting to play with chalkboard paint for awhile but admittedly had to find the courage. My cousin is the operator of a darling blog! Email me if you would like a link to it! She was brave enough to cover her entire living room wall in a beautiful blue shade of chalkboard paint. It is so pretty and she had drawn the cutest things on it! Me... the try everything once lady was even intimidated! Baby steps;) So guess where I started? Yep ! You got it! The DI! I sorta had an idea in mind but had to piece it together....I had to arm wrestle old ladies for this large frame and print! It was after all only three dollars!

Cannot forget the kiddos! I found two identical frames for two little ladies.

I even recruited the help of my sweetheart! I am so glad he loves my inner Martha! We stripped out the old and made way for the new! I started with an antique white and then finished with a crackle glaze. Once it dried I took our palm sander to er;)
This is where I got nervous! Black on brown is um, well...interesting! My stomach started doing somersaults!
Luckily the frame made all the difference! I love it! Next crafting trend....MAGNETIC PAINT!! Woot Woot:)

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