Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Vintage desk upcycle and milk paint!

    Baby Keeg, Ab and I loaded into the car and hit the local Deseret Industries! Living in a DIY valley, finding treasures is a rarity! We lucked out! I found this great desk, a matching head and footboard, and fantastic set of shutters! My mind was racing as we crammed our prizes into our small car! We were certainly a sight! 

    Milk paint is making such a comeback! I was just about to hit the checkout button and purchase milk paint over the web.... then me, being me thought "I have to try to do this on my own!" I try everything once! It was amazing! I highly recommend the following recipe! I started out with the Martha Stewart recipe, but after 24 hours had few curds. I did a little experimenting and was very pleased! Not to mention I saved so much learning how to create my own!

1 quart skim milk (must be skim!)
1 cup white distilled vinegar
acrylic paint

Allow skim milk to reach room temperature. In a large bowl combine milk and vinegar. Let the mixture sit overnight. The next day cover a strainer with cheesecloth and pour milk mix in to separate the whey from the curds. Rinse well and place the curds into a mixing bowl and mix until smooth. Add a few drops of color and continue adding until you reach the desired hue! I got about 2 cups from this recipe. enough for three coats on the desk. Do not mix until you are ready to use. It is important you use it quickly, as it will not store.

    If you have never used this type of paint before.... Be patient take your time and figure out how to apply it. The first coat is very nearly transparent. Making sure your surface is properly sanded and prepped is crucial! It will begin to lift itself off as it dries. So it will just fall off of any unprepped surface. It will not stick to a varnished surface real well. I promise you will love it once you figure it out! If you love that chippy, vintage paint look... this is the paint for you! I used to spend hours painting, sanding, and distressing! This paint does it for you!

       I was able to keep a reasonable budget with this project by using what I had on hand! Using a little spray paint and spare buttons, I covered unsightly areas. The original hardwood seat was upholstered. This desk is solid wood. Very sturdy! It has a functioning book rack, and desktop! Made even more fun with a few chalkboards! Perfect for any corner in your home! The desk was finished and sealed with several coats of polyurethane and furniture wax! 

AND.... she's for sale! Available for pick up in Cache County Utah! Asking $100 If you would like more information please email:

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