Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tar paper fireworks!

I love the 4th of July! 

 Back and refreshed from a vacation I was ready for some cute outdoor decorations! A set back from being "back and refreshed" is my wallet now needs to be refreshed:) I pondered for sometime trying to figure out what I wanted...

 and on a next to nothing budget!

I was just about to paint over my Halloween pumpkin logs, to transform them into fire works when I saw the roll of tar paper in the back corner of the shed. I admired the shape of the roofing paper and had an idea....

I cut a piece and then secured the top and bottom with a staple to create my cylinder shape.
Then used hot glue along the seam.

Grabbed a few buckets of leftover paint! Spray paint would work fine, but I liked the instant thick coverage I was able to achieve with the latex paint. 

Once my tubes dried I cut a square of the paper, poked a wire through the center and secured the inside end with hot glue...

Then trimmed and painted the top. Twist the wire around  a pencil for a fun look!

I used a stencil to decorate my fire works and then created the "fuse" by tying several strands of yellow ribbon to the wire.

My total cost for this crazy cute DIY $0.00 I simply used what I had around the house!

Share your fun 4th of July ideas!


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