Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Faux Fireplace!

    As usual I am about 10 miles behind. Keeping up with my crew can be daunting at times. With the holidays finally behind us! What an amazing time we had! A fresh New Year full of possibilities is upon us! How exciting is it that each year we get to start fresh! It is wonderful and amazing! 

    So for my first post of the New Year I am happy to share my newest prized possession! With a little imagination you to can create a simple mantle! This piece was built for me by my amazing little brother. After pouring over other tutorials we combined a few ideas into one! 

   Using MDF and my specific measurements, also knowing my intention was to draw the "fire" this is what my lil brother came up with! Did I mention he is an amazing craftsman:) It has also been tapered so that the weight of the mantle will rest upon the wall, which is great if you have little ones and your husband has forbidden you to attach it to the wall. My husband is a great sport when I'm in Martha mode! MDF is fairly soft so you have to be gentle when filling and sanding. Also a few coats of primer will help smooth the appearance of your final coat!

    Using chalkboard paint I created the back drop. Carefully measure and cut out the shape of the fire box. I used a thin paper to first hand draw the fire and brick. do this with pencil, followed by a sharpie. Coat the back of your design with a heavy, even coat of chalk. Do this by simply rubbing a stick of chalk over the surface. Once the chalkboard paint has cured apply your drawn design face up and with firm yet gentle pressure trace with a fine tip pencil. The design will transfer onto your chalkboard!

   Once all the lines have been traced remove the paper and then use chalk markers or a piece of chalk that has been sharpened and is wet to really finalize your design! Wet paintbrushes in various sizes work excellent for touch ups and removing excess chalk! When you are pleased with what you have done coat with a clear sealer and enjoy!


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