Thursday, January 16, 2014

Start off right!

     As I look ahead to the many races in the upcoming season my excitement is mounting! I hope to participate in Top of Utah again, my goal is to shave 30 minutes off of my finishing time! I would also absolutely love to do Ragnar! I learned so much about my body and its capabilities last year. I learned that I am a better distance runner than short distance. My friends schooled me in Color Vibe and various other 5K's....but where they pooped out I could keep going the distance, and my overall time averaged out evenly.

      I also learned that while training for long distances I am unable to lose weight! In the latter part of June I was logging nearly 30 miles a week and the scale refused to budge! Concerned about possible thyroid implications I visited my doctor. Turns out I was low on the sunshine vitamin! Even after vitamin D supplements the scale still refused to move. I was in shape, but yearned to see a smaller number! Luckily I have access to health professionals that helped me understand the process that was taking place. Either focus on weight loss or distance running.... that is what it came down to. 

    With the dawn of a New Year my focus is first on overall health and weight loss as well as HIIT training for 40 minutes daily. So I get to have my cake and eat it too! I have found an amazing meal plan that suits myself, as well as my family! Which is even better! We are an active family and making small changes here and there to the foods we already eat has made a major improvement for us all! My amazing husband and I have even set a long term fitness goal! We want to run an ultra for our 10th anniversary! We have a few years:) I want my kids to have a healthy attitude about food. When you are the role model to young girls there is no other option. 

    Everyone should own a Nutribullet! They are amazing! I love to experiment with smoothies! Plus they are tasty and satisfying! Baby K and I are gearing up for an outstanding day! Here is our recipe for today!

!/2 cup organic baby kale (be sure to rinse!)
1/2 large naval orange in segments
1/2 large red apple sliced
3 medium strawberries
1T water
1/2 cup Silk unsweetened Pure Almond Milk
6 ice cubes

Throw into your blender, mix and enjoy!

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