Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer fun with not one but two! Jalapeno recipes!

   Nothing says summer like fresh jalapenos! We are big fans at our house and spent the day working on some super delicious stuff! First we made a jalapeno coleslaw! For this recipe you will need:

6-8 roasted poblano peppers
6-8 roasted jalapeno peppers
1 16 oz bag tropical fruit mix
1 quart peaches drained
1 cup apple cider
1 1/2 cups of sugar
2 bags Dole coleslaw mix

   To begin you will need to roast your peppers. The proper way to do this is to coat the peppers with oil. I use vegetable or olive oil. Place the peppers on baking sheet and place in the oven on the Lo broiler setting until the skin begins to blister and turn brown.

While your peppers are roasting in a large saucepan combine fruit, sugar, and cider. Once peppers have browned allow them to cool before chopping and removing seeds. Add to your fruit mixture and begin to cook on medium high heat.

The mixture will need to reduce until it has the consistency of jam. This takes awhile! In the meantime rinse your coleslaw mix in cool water and have ready in large bowl.

Once the fruit and pepper mixture resembles a thicker mixture...

Allow to cool and move to a mixer or food processor. Blend to puree and let cool an additional ten minutes.

Once cool it should be thick like jelly. Add to coleslaw mix a little at a time until you have the desired consistency. You will have leftover sauce! Chill before serving and enjoy! My favorite thing about this recipe is it is uniquely shocking! First sweet and unfamiliar then hot and spicy! 

   The perfect side dish to compliment any barbecue or to top a tasty burger! This recipe easily yields one quart of dressing! This tasty sauce is also good on eggs, burritos...whatever!

The next recipe will have you mad at me! So tasty and so terrible! Save for a cheat day! Or Fathers day which happened to be my excuse for indulging in bacon wrapped chicken jalapeno poppers!

For this recipe you will need:

10-12 Jalapeno peppers
4 chicken breasts boiled and shredded
1 8oz package of cream cheese at room temperature
4 T butter
dash of pepper
dash of rosemary
1/2 cup diced green onion
1 16 0z package of bacon

Start by washing halving and removing seeds. Please wear gloves! If you have never had a jalapeno burn I am warning you of misery you have never known! 

In a large bowl combine cream cheese, butter, green onions and seasonings. Mix well then add chicken mixing well again.

Once mixed start stuffing! Stuff them as full as you dare! The stuffing mixture is thick plus you are going to hold it all in with yummy bacon! The mixture will cook down so really do load them!

Next is the fun part! Wrap each jalapeno with one slice of bacon and use a toothpick to hold it all together! This will also help keep the poppers upright while baking!

Pre heat your broiler to the Lo setting and use a broiler pan for your poppers to catch the excess grease! Keep an eye on them while under the broiler. Once the bacon is nice and crispy brown take them out and resist the urge to devour a smoking hot popper! Let them cool!

So there you have it! Two easy and delicious jalapeno recipes to enjoy this summer! I cannot wait for salsa! What are your favorite jalapeno recipes! Share them!


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