Friday, June 8, 2012

Save the date! An invite only tutorial...

 I am feeling old today! The wedding season is upon us! Awhile back while pondering a gift for the daughter of a good friend I stumbled unto "my thing"... What is "my thing"? Well every bride gets a mixer right?! I got out my Cricket and pressed for time and sanity I was admittedly going to slap the initials of the happy couple unto a piece of glass and call it good...while looking at their invite I was grabbed by the notion that I should use their invitation in some form...


    That has now become "my thing" I create gifts using the invitation! It has been a huge success! An announcement is the first announcement to the world of their new life! I love these projects! It also gives me time to reflect on fond memories of friends and family! The beautiful bride here is my cousin whom I used to babysit! Hence the "I feel old today!"

Using the first letter of the soon to be last name I had a few ideas!

Remember the lace stencil from a few posts back? I still love it!

     I painted the front and back of one of the letters. Then used hot glue to adhere them together once I had completed my collage...

    My little sister introduced me to modge podge! I am now convinced it is the most underrated craft supply!

    I carefully ripped their beautiful invitation to shreds, and created a collage. Be creative! Get sloppy! When your collage is finished simply flip over the letter and trim the excess paper off with a razor blade.

Back view! I attached small wooden blocks as the stand.

Front beautiful view! What are your wedding gift traditions?


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